I want to share some of my experience about health and fitness. First it’s always a matter of choice and benefits. We can choose whatever we want to eat and how to train. Of course not everyone has that privilege. We that have…. are very “lucky”, and my great gratitude to have the possibility and liberty to choose a healthy lifestyle.


A lot of disinformation and myths about diets and exercise is spread all over the world on internet and social media and …yeah everywhere. Well…of course all kinds of moderate exercise is beneficial including walking/ hiking. Actually there’s only one thing to do, and that is to let the muscles work including the heart. And an important factor is to like and find it joyful to move the body. To me Calisthenics is without any doubt the best and most efficient way of building strength. But it doesn’t mean that this is the best one. Go to gym and lifting heavy weights also makes strength.  Yoga as well and many other forms of exercises.


The many advantages with Calisthenics is that you use your own body weight and involving many muscles at the same time. Balance and coordination is also very effectively trained in many of the exercises. And lot of focus and concentration is put on performing the different exercises correct. In that sense you sometimes can push harder and longer without “feeling” the tiredness and “pain”. And that means faster result you can push harder and keep the position longer if it’s static. But as always keep in mind to start and perform slowly and focus on doing the exercise correct. No to try to be “strong” and push hard and advance before the exercise is performed correctly.








And to me it’s so nice and joyful to do the training outdoor, fresh air and often sunshine and to be barefoot. I choose river sand on the ground of my workout park. It’s soft and it’s grounding/ earthing. And that is very very beneficial and healthy. Because the Earth is negatively charge with “free” electrons. And the body absorbs these free electrons acting as anti oxidants. Because all anti oxidants are free electrons entering the body via the diet and digestion. This is free and available everywhere when swimming in rivers, lakes and oceans. And when walking bare foot on natural material. If the ground is wet the electrons are  better lead into the body via the feet.


In combination with HIIT ( high intensity interval training) and yoga/ stretching and nitric oxide release training it’s to me outstanding for health, strength and wellbeing.

Whenever possible exercise outdoor. Expose yourself for the sunlight. But do it carefully and with sense. It’s very very beneficial as to expose the body to sunlight without “burning” the skin. I’ll later on talk more about my preferences about HIIT and nitric oxide release.

And there are so much to say about diet and food. What to eat and not to eat. And when to eat. And what food to combine with other foods and so on. But without any doubt whatsoever a whole plant based diet is the most beneficial diet for humans. And protein is no problem at all. The fact is that most people in the “western world” get too much protein every single day. And the fact is that everything is coming from the soil and then the plants first and then the animals eat the grass and plants and seeds to become meet for us. And the other fact is that we don’t need this meet to stay healthy and fit. That is proven over and over again in many studies.

The naked truth is that to day we kill and murder animals for the joy and pleasure to eat meat we don’t need at all. This for a fact. Then it’s as always free will and choices. It’s up to each and everyone to decide what to eat and what not to eat. No one to be blamed for their choices. But at least we should all be aware about our choices and to question everything we have learned, and to question all traditions and habits. Then we start from there I think.



  1. Ola. Bom Dia.

    Kanon. Inspirerande och intressant. Dina bilder på Insta talar sitt eget språk. Detta fungerar verkligen. Stay strong. //K

    • Ola…thanks….kul du gillar det. Ser framemot att få visa dig lite enkla övningar för stora resultat och förändringar.
      Bara kul och trevligt om min workout park används. Welcome any time.

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