My Calisthenics workout park at home.  Built piece by piece by hand. It was hard work. but it was well worth it. Starting with Calisthenics 3 months ago and also changed my diet to a whole plant based food diet ( vegan) really transformed my life. I thought I was pretty healthy and strong but I was NOT. Changing to a vegan diet had very big impact on my overall health. Less pain, less inflammation and more energy. Better sleep as well. Well I find changing to a vegan diet 100% beneficial. But that is another story.

Let’s talk about Calisthenics. Tremendous fitness benefits and yes I found it very funny and joyful. I do it mostly barefoot and I choose sand as ground material. River sand. Performing this kind of exercise is the best training I have ever done. Using many muscles in every exercise. Especially the core and back muscles. And putting so much effort into trying to perform this strength and balance movements as correct as possible make it easier to forget the “pain” and tiredness. And it’s such inspiring and motivational to progress and really feel the strength and endurance increasing.



Happy Calisthenics workout park owner. to me there is a very big difference between going to the gym lifting weights and performing Calisthenics outdoor. The concentration about the different exercises as the main thing. A side effect is building strength and muscles. Well that is just positive (mostly). I do recommend each and everyone to try some of the many different Calisthenics exercises. Some are very easy and the progression is fast.



Dips. One of my favorite exercises. And this as many of the other exercises can be performed in many different variations. Many of the exercises uses and trains almost every muscle in the body. And also to be perform with different intensity like explosive, very slow, normal and fast movements. Well the variations are almost  limitless. Balance, coordination and the use of many muscles in the same exercise makes this very efficient. And in short time you have trained the whole body.



And yes I have been “diggi’n pretty deep into the rabbit hole and found many interesting facts about health, training and fitness. Many are the myths, and a lot of wrong facts and disinformation is “out there”.  Well most is about money. Thats the naked fact. Just follow the flow of money and you’ll know. What company is the sponsor of the study and so on.

I have tried a lot because my health wasn’t so good. And the fact is as a medical doctor said – People always want to hear good news about bad habits. Each and everyone has to find his/ her own way about health and fitness. We really need to exercise and move the body in different ways to stay fit and healthy. The more the better. Because most people are sitting too much each and every day. The body is designed to move. And the diet is of course very very important. As are the thoughts we are thinking every day. We are what we eat. We are what we think.




But exercise wise I find this Calisthenics very joyful and effective. And only use own body weight as long as it fells good. Then just put more

weight to the body, like a weight vest. Use own fantasy as well and experiment with different kinds of variations. It’s easier to extend the ones limits when having fun and enjoying it. And yes….yes we don’t need meat, eggs, dairy and fish to build strength and muscles. It’s just a myth. Disinformation.

What makes people sick? Negativity/ hate and unforgiveness…. and anxious/ fear. Yes. But then it’s the food. What food. Fresh fruits? Fresh vegetables? Nuts and grains? Beans and legumes? Berries, herbs?  No no .. it’s the meat, dairy, eggs and vegetable oils and variations of processed food. It has been show/ proved  in so many studies up to date…that it’s beyond and reasonable doubt what makes us sick. There are activities as there are food that promotes longevity and health. And also the opposite of activities and food that’ll shorten life. Live healthy, stay brilliant.


  1. Congratulations Mic, on everything you did and your resolve.
    I want to visit you one day!
    (maybe build one in my garden??)

    • Thanks Roddy. Yes you’r most welcome. I would be glad to show and assist. And for sure if you want one in your garden
      I can help. Now it’s easy for me. I learned a lot when building this. So if you want a bar it’s easy to fix.
      Good luck to you and all success with your project. I don’t know anything about it, but as far as I understand, it’s about coaching and motivate people. To build confidence and meaning in life. Very good and very interesting!!

  2. Congratulations for the great achievement.
    The change in diet and the exercise show their impact in your body.

    • Thank you so much Gerry. Yeah it feels really good. And I’m enjoying it…that’s the most important to keep it “running”
      You are welcome to try anytime.

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